Fresno, Ohio

The hippest village east of Marfa, Tx

Fresno Presbyterian Church

The Avondale-Fresno Sesquicentennial  &  Fresno-Chili-Pearl Homecoming  will be Sunday June 22, 2025 from 1-3 pm.

Fresno is the proud home of the corporate headquarters for Rainbow Hills Winery. Also: Wooly Pig Brewery, A&B Auto Repair, Fresno Ridge Adventure Sports, Dependable Detailing and Toby Way Farm.

Just a nice little website for Fresno, Ohio. 

A place you might consider making your home. 

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Coming in 2025:  The Avondale/Fresno Sesquicentennial.  Start the conversation today.

Read the FresnOnion everyday.

Standing Rock Just North of Fresno



coming in 2025 - Ideas?

Fresno is the home of  Hoyt-Clagwell TractorSales and Service.