Pizza!  Fresno is the perfect location if Pizza is a staple in your diet. We're not talking about the very good franchise pie, but the local family owned recipes.

In alphabetic order: (15 miles or less)

Amici's Pizza 

Buckeye Beverage & Pizza

Crowtown Pizza

Main Street Station

Park Street Pizza

Pizza Point II

Pizza Parlor V

Rainbow Hills Winery, Brewery and Pizza

Terry's Pizza

Expanding the circle:  (40 miles or less)

​Adornetto's Pizza

Charm Pizza Co.

Dennison Yard

Granato's Pizza

Magoos Pizza 

Mary Zifers Pizza

Pangrazio's Pizza

Panther Pizza

Penso's Pizza

Russo's Wood Fired Pizza

So. Philly Pizza

Table Rock Pizza

Fresno, Ohio

The hippest village east of Marfa, Tx

The Garden Patch

                 What is a Customer?

A customer is the most important person ever….in person, by mail, or on the phone.

A customer is not dependent on us…we are dependent on him or her.

A customer is not an interruption of our work….they are the purpose of our work.  We are not doing a favor by serving or helping them…..they are doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so.

A customer is not someone to argue or match wits with.  Nobody ever won an argument with a customer.

A customer is a person who brings us their wants.  It is our job to handle those wants profitably to them and to ourselves.